Design and Construction

Important points about booth construction

1- Targeting:

Define your goals before ordering booth design and booth construction. Think carefully about what message you are going to deliver at the show or what you want to achieve. The booth is neither a showcase nor a painting, so its arrangement should be in a way that conveys the message, captivating and expressing the company's goals of how to be present, the equipment of the booth should be based on thought, experience and art. Therefore, the coordination between the goods, walls, floor, light, colors and the way of advertising in equipping the booth based on the goals of presence should be considered.

2- Having a new idea

One of the most important factors influencing booth construction is having a new idea. In many cases, booths that are built in exhibitions using new ideas have the most visitors, regardless of their product type.

3- Correct design of the booth:

Leave the design of the booth to the professionals, but note that they only design what you want. Therefore, it is better to use the advice of an expert who knows the principles of designing a booth according to the goals, this point is very important because how to design a booth according to the goals of presence, is completely different. Therefore, it is important to be familiar with the types of booths and some practical principles of booth design.

4- Product display method

Number, size and method of displaying products (physical, mock-up, photo or poster) of the product In addition to the variety of the product, their booth advertisements are also important. Never crowd the booth, try to use every square centimeter of the booth just to get away from the main goal, always focus on a limited number of products.

5- Using the right color in the booth

There are many ways to use color to attract visitors to the booth and more ways to repel them using irrelevant colors.

Effective use of color, above all, requires a sense of creativity. To get the right color combination that exactly fits your purpose, the following basic steps are essential:

• Have in mind what you want to say to the viewer in the language of color.

• Find a primary color that is a powerful speaker to express that story.

• The other colors you put around it should be in perfect harmony or contrast.

Be sure to consider company colors

• How to paint depends on the purpose of attending the exhibition.

• It can be said that light is the most important element in the booth, light is the element with which it is possible to see objects. Light can give a creative rhythm to the pavilion space. Without light you can not feel the form, color or texture

6- Using appropriate graphics in the booth

When the visitor you are looking for enters the hall, he asks himself which booth meets my needs? If he does not find the answer by looking at your booth, he will continue on his way. The graphics of the booth have exactly the task of answering him. Booth graphics should be to attract visitors and show the character of your company. To make sure it gets noticed, use large and colorful graphics. The complementary role of graphic works on other elements of the booth is not hidden from anyone, a good graphic does the work of thousands of words, attracts attention and makes the views of the products flexible.

7- Using LCD plasma TVs

The use of LCD plasma TVs or white curtains with projection light source to create larger images in the booth is one of the means of attracting visitors and marketing and information tools. Because they can be seen and recognized from a distance

8- Other equipment

The list of other equipment that can be used in the booth is very long. Your designer can introduce the right items for you, but here are some more important ones:

• Water cooler and tea maker

• Refrigerator

• Fixed and rotating showcase, long and short

• Audio devices

• Book place and catalog

• Information desks

• Catering equipment

• Wardrobe

And .......

9- Flowers and plants

The presence of flowers and plants makes a big difference. Nothing can bring as much freshness to your booth space as a few pots of houseplants, the green color of the plants creates a special purity and vitality in the environment that can in no way be replaced by anything else, natural plants as living beings Are sources of positive energy. The use of flowers and plants, regardless of the size of the booth, is recommended by most experts.

There are several perspectives on booth construction that we have covered in this article.

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Design and Construction

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